Hello Friends! We’re Ivan and Kristin, founders of AvoGanic. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!

We are a grower and supplier of organic avocados on the sunny coastal Valley of Carpinteria, California. AvoGanic began as a wholesome and straightforward idea: deliver the best locally grown organic avocados to health-conscious customers around the USA.

Ivan is a third-generation Carpinteria nursery grower and has deep roots in the family tradition of growing and selling flowers, avocados, and working the family farms. Growing food and flowers is in his DNA!

Kristin, Ivan’s wife and college sweetheart, brings her wholesome upbringing, educational background in Soil Science, and her previous career as an Environmental Scientist to the AvoGanic team. Kristin is known at the “Dirt Diva” in the family.

Ivan and Kristin live at the family ranch in Carpinteria, California with their children, two dogs, two goats, a few pigs and backyard chickens.

Together, Ivan and Kristin believe that fresh and delicious California organic avocados should be available to everyone—and not just at our local Farmers Markets. We developed a Tree-To-Table model where we handpick and deliver our avocados to order so you (our customers) are guaranteed the highest quality and freshest avocados on the marketplace. We are happy to be able to share our superior fruit from our trees with you and always appreciate your support for organic and sustainable farming practices.

We pledge to provide the very best organic avocados on the market and stand behind our promise to deliver the freshest and most delicious fruit of unsurpassed quality!