What is AvoGanic?

AvoGanic is a service to satisfy your avocado cravings! We handpick our organic Hass avocados grown on avocado trees, pack them in our custom box, and deliver them to your door in less than 4 days!

Who is AvoGanic?

AvoGanic is a family owned and operated ranch that grows certified organic Hass avocados. Ivan and Kristin, founders of AvoGanic, live at the AvoGanic ranch in Carpinteria, California.

What kind of avocados do you grow?

Our family grows certified organic Hass avocados in Carpinteria, California.

How much does an AvoGanic pack cost?

We have several different options, our 6-pack box is $26.00, our 12-pack box is $45.00, and our mix-pack is $40.00.

What is a mix-pack?

Our mix-pack is five pounds of mixed sized AvoGanic avocados. Each avocado is hand-selected and packed in one of our sturdy boxes.

What kinds of avocados are included in my box or pack?

Certified Organic Hass Avocados grown on our family orchards in Carpinteria, California.

Where and how do you ship?

We handpick to order and pack your AvoGanic avocados in our shipping facility down the road from our orchard. We ship your avocados via UPS in a sturdy box made out of renewable, biodegradable materials that are recyclable and compostable.  Be assured that AvoGanic will do its very best to ship all products within 2-3 days from purchase. AvoGanic determines the most efficient shipping for your order. Occasionally, due to constraints of the high temperatures and the typical Saturday and Sunday weekend gap, shipments will be postponed for the following Monday to ensure that your product arrives fresh.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

How can I modify or cancel my subscription or repeat order?

You can cancel your subscription or repeat order at any time.  Simply login to your account and select “cancel.” You can also email AvoGanic at Contact@avoganic.com to tell us how we can support you!

How should my AvoGanic avocados be stored?

Please visit our Avocado Tips page to unlock the secret to avocado ripening.

What is “Tree-to-Table”?

In our Tree-To-Table model, we hold our fruit on the trees longer than any conventional rancher, which guarantees a more nutritious and fresh fruit with higher oil content just picked and shipped 2-4 days prior to arriving to our consumer’s table. We handpicked, per order to guarantee quality, freshness and flavor. This eliminates premature picking, months in refrigeration, fungicide inoculation, and ethylene gas to artificially ripen fruit that most convention avocados endure. We believe that the best quality and healthy fruit should be readily available not just our community but in communities and cities across the country. No other avocado is as fresh as we are!

Should I store avocados in the refrigerator?

Yes! You totally can store avocados in the refrigerator. We do it all the time. Visit our Avocado Tips page to read about our refrigerator tips and tricks.

What does “organic” mean?

Our organic avocados are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.

Why should I buy organic avocados?

Buying organic food promotes a less toxic environment for all living things. Our bodies are the environment so supporting organic agriculture doesn’t just benefit your family, it helps all families live less toxically. Industrial agriculture doesn’t singularly pollute farmland and farm workers; it also wreaks havoc on the environment downstream.  I invite you to check out these two articles, “How Going Organic Benefits Your Body” and “Top 10 Reasons to Support Organic in the 21st Century

How do I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to send us an email at contact@avoganic.com.